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Everything You Need To Know For Staying Sane When Buying And Selling At The Same Time


Does the thought of putting your current home on the market while trying to buy a new home at the same time sound like a monumental and impossible task? Great news! I specialize in assisting clients make their dreams become a reality by simplifying the complex process, tailoring a strategic plan created just for YOU and provide consistent communication; ensuring both transactions run more smoothly while keeping your SANITY!

If you've been thinking of making a move, but not sure where to start, I'd love to connect and discuss all of your options so you can decide what works best for you.

Hey There, I'm


I'm a real estate agent in Delaware with a passion for helping clients buy AND sell their home at the SAME time without losing their "marbles!" Let me show you how...  

Jill Watson, Top 100 Agents in the U.S. and Expert in Buying and Selling Homes Simultaneously 

Hi, I'm Jill, a real estate professional for those looking to buy their next home while also selling their current home at the same time here in coastal Delaware.  
There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to buying and selling a home.  I am passionate about helping people realize all of their options, stream-line the process from "A to Z" and make your dreams become a reality.  

 Still Think It's Not Possible for You?

Many times clients have come to me stating they need to move because of a job relocation, they're busting at the seems in their current home and numerous other reasons.  But, they were so disheartened thinking they were "stuck" in a living situation that no longer suited their needs or lifestyle because they could not afford two homes at once or did not want the headache of moving multiple times.  It was heartbreaking to see sadness on their faces and hear defeat in their voices. 
My answer to them was always, "I got this and we're gonna make it happen!"  There was always a moment of silence after I said that, they would get that "deer caught in the headlights" look.  It was hard for them to fathom that this could truly happen and I will make it happen as seamless as possible.  I laid the foundation for our plan of action to make this all come together and I was the only agent who explained the process in such detail with no guessing.  This left my clients with a whole new attitude and outlook; actually excited to start taking the steps for the next chapter in their lives.  

Think You Can't Find Another Home in this Market?

The biggest fear today for most homeowners wanting to sell is that they will not be able to find a home in this market.  There's not as many homes on the market, the homes sell too quickly, everyone's bidding over asking price and waving contingencies.  Am I right?  There are other ways of looking for homes that will not create bidding wars, rush you to sell your home or put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with.  While I do use the MLS to search for homes actively on the market, that's not the only avenue.  I literally "pound the pavement" in search of off-market homes, expired listings, For-sale-by-owners; homes that match what you are looking for.  There's no other competition because buyers are only looking and bidding on homes that are actively listed for sale.  Yes, it takes a lot more effort, it costs marketing dollars, it's more time consuming, BUT it reaps the reward!  And, I do this on my own dime for my clients!

Did you know that you can sell your current home and buy your new home on the same day?  YES, you can actually move only one time!  There are loan programs that allow you to sell your home after you've already purchased and moved into your new home; thus allowing for one move and not 

Simply by having a strategic plan of action and execution by a real estate agent with expertise juggling both transactions makes this possible. 

What my clients say about me

"Jill is an exceptional real estate agent. She was always there to answer all our questions. Jill helped us sell our first home for top dollar and helped us to find out forever home. She made both the buying and selling process quick and smooth. Jill went above and beyond to help us find a home that met all of our needs."

—Diane, Homebuyer and Seller

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

You may not be at the point where you are ready to make a move, put a for sale sign in your yard and start looking for your new home and that's OK!  It's honestly most beneficial if you start planning for these moves months in advance, which is why I meet (in person or virtually) with all of my clients for an initial consultation.  We will discuss your needs, desires and goals that you are trying to achieve and create a specific plan tailored for YOU. 
Real estate is not a one size fits all solution.  Don't be shy, schedule your free initial consultation and I'd love to meet with you and talk about your specific situation and what will work best for you.  You got this!

Then We Make Sure You Become The Best Homeowner Possible

I don't want to just sell you a home and never talk to you again or move on to the next client. I take pride in making sure you know how to care for the biggest investment in your life.
Each and every week you will receive information about current events and how it affects national and local market trends, questions to ask yourself to determine if now is the right time to make a move, best advice for preparing to sell your home, financing options and everything in between.  Once a client always a client!  My passion is for YOU to succeed in making one move to the next without any regrets.

What my clients say about me

"I purchased and sold with Jill and she was nothing but outstanding throughout the entire duration of both processes. She was very personable and respectful. Her knowledge of the real estate market was extremely impressive. I would HIGHLY Recommend her to my friends and family in the area!!"

—Philip, Homebuyer and Seller

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to your dream  home

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